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Do you have some other romantic and fun anniversary date ideas to share?

Whether you’re still dating or have taken the plunge into marriage, your first anniversary is a momentous occasion, marking an entire year of memories and growth in your relationship.

Visit the place that you first met, the church where you married, and the first restaurant you had a romantic dinner in and document your journey for your own personal album.6.

Take a dream vacation If it’s a really big anniversary milestone, then make it super special by booking a dream holiday together.

A night at the theatre If you’re both into the performing arts then a night at the theatre would make a lovely anniversary date.

Try something new, like opera or ballet, you might be surprised at what you find.

Renew your wedding vows You can get married all over again by renewing your vows.

Public with all your friends and family or just a private affair for two, it’s a lovely, romantic way to reaffirm your love for one another.5.

Find a hotel that holds dinner dance nights, and book in for the night.By this point, you’ve likely become more comfortable and view your partner not only as a lover, but as one of your best friends.As a result, you should give them a first anniversary that’s both a reflection of your time together and an indication of where you see your love going.Here are some tips to help you plan a romantic and unforgettable first anniversary.While your first date may technically have been sitting on the couch watching a movie with a bottle of wine, recapturing the beginning of your relationship can be a great way to rekindle that initial excitement and attraction that drew you together.A creative way to capture this reciprocity in the relationship is by planning a “his and hers” day.This unique anniversary idea allows each member of the couple to plan a portion of the date based on sharing his or her interests with the other.Create your own photo album of your love You probably didn’t carry a camera with you when you first met, they might not even have had cameras in mobile phones then.Take a camera and spend a day retracing your steps of the past, this time taking photos as you go.Go out separately and get three movies each that you think your partner will love and spend a weekend watching them.Unplug the phone and switch off the computers and just spend some quiet time together.4.

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