1st anniversary dating ideas him palo alto dating sites

For some reason people tend to assume that men have to do all the planning when it comes to an anniversary.

Have a home movie marathon You don’t have to go out to have fun; it can be just as romantic at home.Splash out on a cruise to faraway lands or hit the open road for an unplanned road trip.Sharing an adventure together is the perfect way to celebrate an anniversary.7.Go out separately and get three movies each that you think your partner will love and spend a weekend watching them.Unplug the phone and switch off the computers and just spend some quiet time together.4.A creative way to capture this reciprocity in the relationship is by planning a “his and hers” day.This unique anniversary idea allows each member of the couple to plan a portion of the date based on sharing his or her interests with the other.Spend the day at a theme park Take the big roller coaster rides and enjoy being kids again at a theme park.Many people forget all about theme parks, when they get a bit older, but they are not just fun for the kids and many theme parks have hotels on site, so you can stay the night too.10.Create your own photo album of your love You probably didn’t carry a camera with you when you first met, they might not even have had cameras in mobile phones then.Take a camera and spend a day retracing your steps of the past, this time taking photos as you go.

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