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Relative to the Vive and its two sensors placed in opposite corners of your play area, the Play Station VR’s reliance on its single camera is a significant weakness.

It does work reasonably well thanks to the depth-sensing capabilities of its two lenses, but its field of view is narrow enough that I frequently bumped up against its limits with the Move controllers.

One of the most important parts of a VR headset is the screen, and having used the higher-resolution Oculus Rift and HTC Vive (which both use two screens for a combined resolution of 2160x1200), I’m impressed at the quality of the Play Station VR’s 1920x1080 image, which is split down the middle to display a different point of view for each eye.

While the resolution is noticeably lower, the “screen door effect,” caused by the faint lines that separate the pixels on a display when you view it up close, is minimal.

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With literally millions of lonely seniors looking for their romance, there's plenty of opportunity for yourself, as a marketer to step in with an unique angle and attack with action and persistence.The HTC Vive, which includes its two Lighthouse sensors and motion controllers, costs 9.99; the Oculus Rift is 9.99 and comes with one sensor and an Xbox One controller (and its wireless dongle), but Oculus will soon release its Touch controllers for an as-yet-unannounced price that is speculated to be in the range of 0.So, combined with the fact that it hooks up to a 9.99 Play Station 4 instead of a gaming PC that would cost you 0 or more, the Play Station VR is by far the cheapest option for good-quality VR with motion control.All the games I’ve played thus far (such as Job Simulator, Tumble VR, and Batman) have accounted for this by simply warping items back to the playable height if you drop them, but it’s jarring to have your hand stop two feet from your target.You can tell someone they’re not supposed to do that until you’re blue in the face, but considering the whole point of VR is to fool people’s brains into thinking what they’re seeing is real, they will still make that mistake from time to time. Also, that inherent limitation means that even though we’re being immersed in a 360-degree virtual world where things can happen anywhere, we’ll never be able to turn around 180 degrees and shoot a monster that pops up behind us.Additionally, many of the launch games either require or make use of one or two motion-tracked Play Station Move controllers, which must also be purchased separately for between and each.Bundles (like the one on which this review is based) are available with the full set for 9.99, which is still a major price advantage.It’s fantastic that Sony’s Play Station VR headset will allow many more people to have these groundbreaking experiences by lowering the financial barrier to entry, with only a few compromises.Though the Play Station VR is advertised at only 9.99, that price is misleading because it’s mostly useless without the .99 Play Station Camera, which is sold separately.But in many games, you’re required or strongly encouraged to use Play Station Move controllers to interact with the virtual environments, which is a much more natural way of reaching out and touching things.Sony's use of the existing Play Station Move controller that’s been around since 2010 has the benefit of there already being a bunch of them out there (though they’re likely pretty dusty) and their buttons and triggers are well suited for the tasks of representing hands that grasp objects or guns.

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