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Chun highlights the relationship between our sexual desires and our online presence; we seek contact online looking to satisfy needs.

The great deal of exhibitionism that is carried out through Chatroulette could be suggested as a reflection of peoples suppressed sexual desires.

He ultimately was suggesting that the taboo placed on sex to be removed, thus permitting people to discuss their pleasures and cravings.

Chatroulette can be argued as an outlet for people’s suppressed desires, perhaps even a solution of discourse mentioned by Foucault.

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The Ego which looks to maintain our desires within socially acceptable frames, projects the needs through objects that can substitute the actual idea developed by the Id.

The internet and social networking site such as Chatroulette allows people to explore subjects and behaviours that could be considered taboo in other private social situations.

Such as that of exhibitionism, this then becomes a very common expression on such sites.

So I decided to create a little site for me and my friends where we could connect randomly with other people.” Chatroulette sets out to bring together people through a random selection of users around the world.

As a user you are constantly being faced with strangers, equipped with a “next” button, one is able to click away people and immediately be faced with another player.

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