Advanced dating techniques

Other browsers, such as Netscape's Navigator and Microsoft's Internet Explorer, soon followed.Standards for displaying Web information (i.e., HTML) were, and continue to be, refined, enhanced, and expanded.Given the rapid development of the Web, it is difficult to predict where it might be headed.Instead, it may be more realistic to discuss where it is not going -- at least from experts' best guesses -- and to offer a few preliminary precautions about its use.

Cruyssaert said: 'But for youngsters aged ten or 11 there is not a single other website which so comprehensively gives answers.

The Web has become one of the hottest applications around for electronic commerce, marketing, public relations, and education.

Another major function of the Web in its infancy was to serve as what many termed, the "ultimate digital library." While it did, and still does from many perspectives, serve in this role, trends indicate that in its continued evolution, the Web is moving beyond the library metaphor.

Frederic Leire, father of two children aged seven and nine, said his youngsters got the guide at school.

He said he was shocked when he saw how explicit the website is.

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