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The idea is to use the same principles as traditional radiocarbon dating, but a much smaller sample of painting is necessary.The team worked at 14 sites in three regions of southern Africa - the Thune Dam area of south-eastern Botswana, the Metolong Dam catchment of western Lesotho and the Maclear District of South Africa's Eastern Cape Province.By collecting samples of paint, researchers were able to identify the types of carbons in the pigments and ultimately date them as more than 5,000 years old – deeming the drawings the ‘earliest directly dated’ paintings in the region‘Research over the past 40 years has shown that the art is most productively and comprehensively explained as the material expression of the powers of ritual specialists (shamans) and of the wider cosmology within which those powers were exercised, often in altered states of consciousness,' reads the study publish in the Journal Antiquity.And this Later Stone Age Bushmen artwork has influenced rock art study around the globe.The rock art in questions is located at 14 sites in three different regions of Southern Africa: the Thune Dam, Botswana, the Phuthiatsana Valley, Lesotho and the Maclear District in South Africa.

Dating rock art directly is about coming up with a precise date for when it was created.

Their complete findings are now published in the Journal Antiquity.

Hunter-gatherer rock art in Southern Africa is made up both of paintings and engravings, which were produced by ancient communities associated with the present-day San (bushmen) culture.

Until this study, it had been impossible to associate any of the rock art with specific archaeological artefacts found close by.

With the art now more accurately dated, it will be possible to study how potteries and other objects evolved in parallel to rock art."These dates are only the beginning of these investigations, but they open up the possibility of initiating a dialogue between the art of the San and their archaeological remains.

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