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The EPA's regional administrator in Chicago announced the news in letters sent Wednesday, Feb.

Environmental Protection Agency is going to conduct a preliminary assessment to determine whether the Gelman dioxane plume in Ann Arbor qualifies for a federal Superfund cleanup.

Finally, you should also ask your therapist how many couples’ or marriage counseling sessions they do every week.

If it’s less than 5-10, they are doing couples’ therapy as a minor sidelight, not as a main thrust of their practice and they may not be as experienced in working with this modality. To see if your insurance will cover our services, please call our office staff at (248) 546-0407 during daytime hours.

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After careful evaluation, the EPA has decided to conduct the requested preliminary assessment to determine whether the plume is eligible for action under the federal Superfund law, otherwise known as the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act, said Robert Kaplan, the EPA's acting regional administrator.Because of this, therapy or counseling is usually time-limited and ends when your relationship goals have been met.Of course there are some more complex situations which require a series of goals and resolutions that take place sequentially over time.The toxic chemical 1,4-dioxane was discharged into the environment by Gelman Sciences, a company that once operated on Wagner Road, between the 1960s and 1980s.The pollution remains the subject of ongoing legal negotiations, while limited pumping and treating is being done to remove dioxane from the ground.You may not know how to successfully resolve ongoing hurts/resentments; betrayal of trust; affairs; cheating or other infidelity-related issues; verbal abuse; anger; and/or distance/lack of closeness in your relationship. COUPLES THERAPY / MARRIAGE COUNSELING At The RELATIONSHIP INSTITUTE Couples Therapy is based on the model of a ‘Conscious Relationship’ – a stable, fulfilling and passionate relationship between committed partners Learn More PRE-MARITAL COUNSELINGFor premarital counseling, we offer traditional Couples Counseling, as well as a unique 5 session program called PREP.Click below to learn more about the details on the PREP program.United Association Local 190 has a long and proud history, dating back to the turn of the century when fifteen men gathered in Ann Arbor to accept the Charter of Local 190.That document granted them the jurisdictional territory in and around Washtenaw County.Couples’ sessions where the therapists merely referee arguments tends to not produce any long-lasting changes in relationship patterns.So when you’re choosing a couples’ therapist, be sure to ask them how active and directive they are in their sessions.

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