Armory not updating patch 4 0

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Removed Crafting Workbench Experience (optional):* Removes experience gain from crafting items at the workbenches added through the mod (not default ones).

Automatron DLC support (optional):* Adds some new craftable items from the Automatron DLC.* Remove the requirement to use new workbenches, and allow crafting at all workbenches in the game.* Prevent items from being created with random mods/make it craft the exact version of an item you want.* Make it possible to create a specific tier of armor (Sturdy, Heavy etc.) instead of that modifier being random.* Create custom and more explanatory names for items with obscure names.

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At these workbenches you are able to craft melee and ranged weapons, ammo, armor and power armor of all kinds, clothing, outfits, helmets, glasses, masks as well as bobby pins and other miscellaneous items.

Other than that they look and sound like they usual, with settlers interacting with them as well.

Thanks to the Nif Skope development team for Nif Skope.

Thanks to Mango Tango Fox for his item ID spreadsheet.

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