Asian men and black women dating websites

Thank you to all those who have helped in the past, and as you see, the site is still here, kicking and running even after all the naysayers and conspiracy theorists. You can donate through paypal but it's NOT MANDATORY (through the Send Payment option) to [email protected] Be sure to include the email, username you use, and the date to help me datebase the information.

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To push ourselves and one another in the INTERACTION within the social process which expands and augments us and others. The focus here is to bring acceptance to ALL inter-racial, inter-cultural relationships, with the main importance of the once (and in many ways still-) taboo connections of Black Women and Asian Men. We are doing this because there is still racism in the world.

We connect and continue with similar goals, as BW can have a place to express and have shared understanding with other BW and such the same for AM with AM.

We are not here to put AM or BW on an uneven plane or pedestal.

There are people that still give unwarranted looks and/or remarks when they would see a Black Woman with an Asian Man in almost any context. By being a member, YOU are the person who is going to make a difference.

You will do it within the locale you are from or going to reside.

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