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If said character is highly sought after, see Everybody Wants the Hermaphrodite.

Hermaphrodite marijuana plants develop both male and female flowers.

Regardless its genetic sensitivity, a marijuana plant can also become hermaphrodite by the influence of stress.

When it feels that the flowering conditions are too hard, hermaphroditism is an effective and natural way to shorten this period, pollinating its female flowers with the pollen of a few male clusters (usually called “bananas”).

If a plant shows male and female flowers from the beginning of flowering, unfortunately we will have to eliminate it immediately from the growing space.

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This can be explained by the genetic origins of the strain – Thai sativas, for example, usually reach a high percentage of hermaphrodite plants – or also by the technique used when producing seeds (GA3,…).Fictional depictions of intersex people often run into Unfortunate Implications and Critical Research Failure.The word Hermaphrodite comes from the Greek deity Hermaphroditus.In order to lower the chances to get hermaphrodite plants, you should: mantain good environmental conditions in your growing space, a perfect hygiene, regularly monitor your timers , check your plants for insects and mites, water them regularly with a balanced nutrient solution.At the end of flowering, carefully check the trichomes so you don’t miss the harvest deadline.During the flowering period, these male flowers are easily observed due to their yellow colour and banana shape.We will also check for mites or insects, as well as molds, so we avoid the most common cannabis pests .Sometimes entire alien species or fantasy races are hermaphroditic One Gender Races, thanks to Bizarre Alien Sexes.Hermaphroditism is also a popular way to explain Mr. Medically speaking, Hermaphrodite is an outdated term, and Intersex is now generally the accepted medical terminology.In real life, however, a human that has fully developed male and female genitals is extremely rare (there's never been an actual confirmed instance).Humans with sexually ambiguous genitals and/or incompletely developed ones (or other biological ambiguities between male and female, such as mixed glands, hormonal balances, or chromosomal sexes) are called intersex, not hermaphrodites, and more common than one would think (one rough estimate is 1 in every 2000 children born). Intersex people usually identify as either a man or woman (although some are non-binary), and being intersex does not automatically make you a "man and a woman." In fact, biologically speaking they would still be considered one or the other depending on the presence of a Y-chromosome.

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