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Results: In operated side analysis, discectomy side was 53% on the left side, 40% on the right side, the difference between two sides was statistically significant.Conclusion: The asymmetric distribution may be a significant factor in the development and surgical treatment of lumbar disc herniations.The operative findings in each patient were evaluated, and each involved disc was classified as protruded, extruded, or sequestered.The patients, who had bilateral involvement, were excluded from the study.Theories propose that this transformation in the mechanics of locomotion is the inciting evolutionary event that made the lumbar spine susceptible to degenerative disease.If the primary sources of disc pathology are these forces/stresses acting on the spine, why did the spine not evolve into a more rigid structure?Background: Lumbar disc herniations have been extensively studied in the literature.

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Operative notes, clinical documents, and radiology reports were evaluated in order to describe and determine the side of discectomy.This asymmetry has been explained as the result of differential mechanical loadings largely due to handedness and activity pattern.More stress and strain on the dominant side may cause differences between the sides, often referred to as directional asymmetry.Low back pain has long been connected to postural and structural asymmetries, most commonly in the pelvis.While externally there is a difference in bilateral dimensions of various body parts and musculature, internally it is due to asymmetrical positioning of viscera as well as variations in bilateral skeletal dimensions.Ninety-one discectomy were performed during study period.The two-proportions test was used to examine the relationships between the left and right sided discectomy.Asian J Neurosurg [serial online] 2017 [cited 2018 Apr 9];9-202. 2017/12/2/199/145573 Despite these recent developments in neurosurgical, we still have a very limited understanding of the patho-physiology of lumbar disc disease (LDD).The reasons some people have this persistent pain after surgery remain unclear, so the surgical treatment of ruptured lumbar inter-vertebral discs is sometimes discouraging to both surgeon and patient.Recently, it was reported that cartilage end plate degeneration is usually accompanied by loss of cellularity and this loss may be a crucial key factor in initiation and development of degenerative disc disease.These changes seem to be not symmetric at both sides of the vertebral column, because, in this study, discectomy sides of 91 patients were 53% on the left side, 40% on the right side.

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