Bulk updating gem source index hangs

Display information about the Ruby Gems environment The environment command lets you query rubygems for its configuration for use in shell scripts or as a debugging aid.The Ruby Gems environment can be controlled through command line arguments, gemrc files, environment variables and built-in defaults.The couple spilled all the details of their engagement, which we will share with you, but…WARNING: You will be cursing the day you never pulled a boyband member and had him propose.Speaking on 'Loose Women' on Thursday (), Penny - who married Rod in June 2007 after his divorce from Rachel was finalised in November 2006 - said: "From the beginning it was a bumpy road. Make your own gem Gems with Extensions Name your gem Publishing your gem Security Practices SSL Certificate Update Patterns Specification Reference Command Reference Ruby Gems API Ruby API Ruby API V2.0 Run your own gem server Resources Contributing to Ruby Gems Frequently Asked Questions Plugins Credits Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures The build command allows you to create a gem from a ruby gemspec.The best way to build a gem is to use a Rakefile and the Gem:: Package Task which ships with Ruby Gems.It is a pleasure to work with MTS Golf and Utility Vehicles, the service and support they provide has been first class.

If you are behind a proxy server, Ruby Gems uses the HTTP_PROXY, HTTP_PROXY_USER and HTTP_PROXY_PASS environment variables to discover the proxy server.

Command line argument defaults and some Ruby Gems defaults can be set in a ~/.gemrc file for individual users and a gemrc in the SYSTEM CONFIGURATION DIRECTORY for all users.

These files are YAML files with the following YAML keys: :sources: A YAML array of remote gem repositories to install gems from :verbose: Verbosity of the gem command.

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