Bulk updating gem source index hangs

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To build a certificate for signing gems: The cleanup command removes old versions of gems from GEM_HOME that are not required to meet a dependency.

We both sit there and chat about general life like most people do. Make your own gem Gems with Extensions Name your gem Publishing your gem Security Practices SSL Certificate Update Patterns Specification Reference Command Reference Ruby Gems API Ruby API Ruby API V2.0 Run your own gem server Resources Contributing to Ruby Gems Frequently Asked Questions Plugins Credits Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures The build command allows you to create a gem from a ruby gemspec.The best way to build a gem is to use a Rakefile and the Gem:: Package Task which ships with Ruby Gems.Command line argument defaults and some Ruby Gems defaults can be set in a ~/.gemrc file for individual users and a gemrc in the SYSTEM CONFIGURATION DIRECTORY for all users.These files are YAML files with the following YAML keys: :sources: A YAML array of remote gem repositories to install gems from :verbose: Verbosity of the gem command.For local gems only the reverse dependencies can be shown (which gems depend on the named gem).The dependency list can be displayed in a format suitable for piping for use with other commands.false, true, and :really are the levels :update_sources: Enable/disable automatic updating of repository metadata :backtrace: Print backtrace when Ruby Gems encounters an error :gempath: The paths in which to look for gems :disable_default_gem_server: Force specification of gem server host on push Ruby Gems’ default local repository can be overridden with the GEM_PATH and GEM_HOME environment variables.GEM_HOME sets the default repository to install into.The gemspec can either be created by hand or extracted from an existing gem with gem spec: The cert command manages signing keys and certificates for creating signed gems.Your signing certificate and private key are typically stored in ~/.gem/gem-public_and ~/.gem/gem-private_respectively.

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