Cancer woman dating taurus woman

When you come through the Taurus woman, the first thing you see is her undefeatable emotional strength.She is capable of handling tough problems, and without shedding a tear.And you will always refer to a warm, cozy home when you come home from the office!

Taurus and my wife was jealous, but only if you exceed the limits of casual flirtation. It is better not to provoke anger and you will be sorry.Taurus women are good mothers, except that they can not tolerate disobedience or challenge kids. Otherwise they will be more a friend of their children than the typical mother.Taurus woman will teach children how to be strong and will protect them against the big bad world outside.It is hypocrisy and undemanding and easy going manner.She wants her husband to her destruction, particularly in public places.However, if not in his role, it will check in their hands.No, it will act like a mewing kitten, nor like a roaring lion.She is the balanced approach, and you will hardly see her in a restless nature.Taurus girl is nothing artificial will be flowers in a vase or her friends in her life.They need to feel the smell of roses and the actual presence of real people.The beauty of Mother Nature especially pleases her.

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