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If you don't tape off the walls, the water spray used to wet the ceiling may discolor and damage the walls. Are you happy with the appearance and condition of your ceilings? After removing texture from your ceilings, we can help you create a new style and character for your rooms.While it was banned for most household use in the U. in the late 1970s, businesses were allowed to use existing stocks of the material.Some local drywall contractors say they've seen popcorn ceilings containing asbestos well into the 1980s.And, even if there is no asbestos, there may be more involved than scraping off the ugly coating and repainting the wallboard underneath.

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For those of you who still love your popcorn ceiling texture but need a few repairs and a fresh coat of paint, we’re here for you.You can mail the sample to Fiberquant with a payment (they accept checks or customers can contact the company through the website below) of .50 and get a response in one to three working days, Breu said.The samples should be addressed to: • A tarp or plastic drop cloth to cover everything in the room and enough masking or contractor's tape to seal the tarps and drop cloth sections below the ceiling. Builders of thousands of new Colorado homes relied on it for a quick, inexpensive finish. Like cork walls, mirror tiles and avocado- green shag carpet, acoustic ceiling texture was all the rage in the 1970s and 1980s.We offer many options to freshen up your ceilings, giving you renewed pride in your living spaces.Repairs and updates Our ceiling and wall repair services can include: We provide professional ceiling repairs, texture removal, texture applications and painting throughout the Minneapolis/St. White Bear Lake wallpaper removal White Bear Lake interior painting White Bear Lake drywall repair White Bear Lake ceilings popcorn removal Call us at 651-765-0600 for a free, no-obligation consultation and some fresh ideas for updating your ceilings. We are specialists in repairing ceilings and removing popcorn texture finishes.Let us show you how dramatically we can change the look of your ceiling with repairs and a new finish.To determine whether or not there is asbestos in your popcorn ceiling, you can send a sample of the ceiling material to a certified lab.It's a fairly simple procedure, says Michael Breu of Fiberquant Analytical Services of Phoenix.

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