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All this occurred before Alcala charmed "Dating Game" contestant Cheryl Bradshaw in 1988.

Though Bradshaw chose Alcala as her date, she reportedly refused to go out with him.

The following month, Alcala raped, sodomized and murdered 27-year-old nurse Georgia Wixted, according to the district attorney.

"The defendant used the claw end of a hammer to beat the victim and smash in her head.

As he awaited a third trial, Alcala's DNA was linked to the murder scenes of Barcomb, Wixted and Lamb.

That includes Mills, a veteran television and film actor, whose only encounter with Alcala was when both of them appeared as bachelors on "The Dating Game." "That's when I became part of a nightmare and I didn't realize it was a nightmare until 32 years later," Mills said. Alcala, who already had been for the 1968 rape of an eight-year-old girl, was the first contestant to be introduced by the host.

He is hoping to convince the jury to spare his life.

The crimes he committed date back to the late 1970s.

Alcala may have appeared likable to viewers at home, but Bachelor No.

2, Jed Mills, said he was the complete opposite when they sat together in the green room before the show.

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