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Chinese SKS, Pressed and Pinned barrel, machined receiver, stamped trigger guard, spike bayonet, side mount rear sling swivel I "estimate" the Mfg. As stock shows age, blackened about buttstock @ buttplate, and buttplate has a degree of shown previous use and rust/discoloration. I have used the forum search function, visited Yooper's site extensively, read and re-read the Chinese section of this forum, and have hit a brick wall. (pictures will follow)Thanks in advance,...sksmbb Old Outlaw,...Left receiver side: /906\ "three Chinese characters = Type 56" with a serial # 16 213 30(matches; ladder sight (underneath), bolt & carrier, trigger guard, magazine, top cover, stock, all matching # 21330)Right receiver side: (Importers stamp) CAI ST ALB VT, SKS 7.62x39 CHINAI have closely inspected this SKS for any other markings as of country of export, and I have found no other indications. Per my post I openly stated: "I have used the forum search function, visited Yooper's site extensively, read and re-read the Chinese section of this forum, and have hit a brick wall.During this period, we've seen how it has evolved from the original design to the many variations.The main driving force for the changes was purely economics, a need to produce more at a lower cost.So,..that ain't a date I don't know what is,.....*wink*sksmbb Old Outlaw,..."If you never ask a question, don't expect an answer" ~ Confucius I would be happy with speculation, theories, and estimated guesses at this point. Lets say I take the /26\ formula for example,....56 16 = 72. triangle code /906\ @ 1621330 would place it somewhere between 1957 to 1958 production. as I was hoping to narrow it down within a range of lets say,... With any and all of my C&R collectable firearms,...China has been manufacturing SKS for over 50 years producing more SKS than any other nation.

The single star on the side of the receiver carried on into 1956 when production has halted in favor of the AK-47Early Chinese manufactured SKS's were stamped with a 26 inside a Triangle and no Chinese characters which translated to Type 56, the model designation of the Chinese SKS.

Please know that some rifles do not have any markings, but many Russian, Chinese and Korean models do.

SKS RECEIVER COVERS: I have tried to show some of the arsenal markings found on the receiver and/or receiver covers of some of the various SKS's.

" (Taking note of the "sticky" leading the Chinese section.)As it has been posted on this forum and others, dating Chinese SKS's are difficult at most, and virtually impossible in most cases, (with the exception of /26\ series SKS specimens) as the Chinese government has not released verifying SKS dating and production #'s.

Thank you for your reply, even though it didn't address my original question.sksmbb The sticky gives perhaps a way to estimate the date.

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