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The site also has sermon starters and full-length dramas available.

Range of topics covered: Thanksgiving, Christmas, family, teen issues, African American issues, leadership, missions, and more.

Youth groups like to make services far more engaging and vibrant, and one way to do that is to use skits or plays to kick start a message or get a point across.

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Range of topics covered: sin, doubt, freedom, kindness, bible stories, prayer, and more.

More » Cross the sky ministries has several sample skits on their website while also offering books full of more productions.

The ministry was founded by camp staff from Iowa and Wisconsin to originally create camp curriculum.

Range of topics covered: forgiveness, peer pressure, worship, godliness, friendship, faithfulness, dating, and more. has a multitude of scripts for almost any youth group.

The website is not the easiest to follow at times, but it has a wide variety of scripts for almost any occasion.

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