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This was the third disappointment and deception but there were still more to come.Since I could not understand why they had blocked me from accessing my account – and there was no reason for it whatsoever because neither my photos nor the text of my profile were offensive and I did not violated any rules - I tried to find some answers on Internet and checked if anyone else had encountered similar problems and how they resolved them.

Wow, it became obvious that might be doing these things deliberately and willfully defrauding people – and repetitively so - wow...When I sent an email to see why they said I violated their Usage Terms but could not tell me as per their privacy policy.I'm an educated productive member of my community with a good job in the finance world, for them to not provide a reasonable explanation is unprofessional and unacceptable, I would stay clear of this site.I still canceled and now I've been charged again, have no recourse other than to give them a 1 star review. I explained my situation to Match and they say there's nothing they can do. I think they make their money off of people who don't know about the auto renew function and make no apologies for scamming their users. A couple of hours after I had paid for membership, my log-in was rejected and a pop-up window informed me that blocked my access to my account and I should send an email to their resolution center, which would respond in 2 days and fix the issue, unless it was a weekend because they do not work during weekends.Since it was Friday afternoon, my problem would remain unresolved for 3 days, I realized, and I would be thus left with only 4 days of my free trial membership.which made my access to my account and my membership useless...which I told them and requested that they restored also my 7-day free trial membership that they took away with that "technical error".They would also make a police report about's abuse, scams, fraud and deceptions, they said.Stay away from not only because they lie, deceive, steal your money, block you log in and ignore your requests to fix the issues but also because they have WAY LESS MEMBERS than they say they do!I canceled my account more than 24 hours before the subscription ran out. They currently advertise on TV: "Text 'Match' to 33898 and receive a 7-days free membership".Match acknowledged the cancellation but did not send me an email confirmation. I did so and created a profile, posted my photos, and then I also had to give them my credit card data and agree to be billed for at least one-month membership ($ 40), for which my credit card will be billed at the expiration of the 7-days trial membership, unless I cancel the membership before the expiration of those 7 days of trial.

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