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If we take the Ecology site as an example - we have lots of members of our main site are into ' Ecology' so the special ' Eco Search' facility on the Ecology themed site will search these out as well as members of the Ecology site itself.We are not the largest dating site in the UK, nor do we wish to be.

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The main reason we offer a usable free membership is so that you can heartily recommend us to your friends.We are hardworking people and many members upgrade because they appreciate what we are trying to do. Our full members keep us in a job we love doing ..basically the way we see it is we work for our full members whilst our free member are 'guests' on our site.Loveandfriends is a bit like your local independent pub were not for the loyal support of our members we wouldn't exist and the market would be reduced to the more mass-market dating sites run by big companies. This means we are happy to give them any advantage over free members that results in more dating and more happy endings for full members. Since we started way back in 1999 we have had over 300,000 people register profiles with us.However, over 80% of Russia/Philippines/etc based profiles are zapped as they are either from spammers/scammers or too low quality. Americans), expats (English speakers living in France, Spain, etc) and travellers (Brits backpacking across India). We are popular with people that want to meet someone in the UK (e.g.Some examples include a site for Ecology minded people, one for animal lovers and one for readers of a national magazine.Having a ' Network' of sites in this way helps us attract a good mix of interesting people.However, the larger sites tend to take a much more mass market approach and have more 'vanilla' flavour as they need to appeal to everyone.There are smaller UK sites that focus on even more specific 'niches' than loveandfriends.

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