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Ethnic Russians today account for 59 percent of Crimea's population, with ethnic Ukrainians 24 percent.

The issue of Russia's Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol has been a thorn in the side of relations between Ukraine and Russia ever since the Soviet Union collapsed.

Once in place, it will be anchored between two bridge supports being being lifted into place with the help of a team of engineers and divers.

The structure consists of 200 sections and was built in Kerch in the last 12 months.

The NATO force aims to develop its allied presence in the Black Sea region, rich in oil and gas, without escalating tensions, as it seeks to counter Russia's own plans to create what military analysts say is a 'buffer zone'.

The 2008 Russian operation to put troops in Georgia's South Ossetia's region, its support for separatists in eastern Ukraine since 2014 and its annexation of Crimea have raised the stakes, with all sides warning of a new, Cold-War style scenario.

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According to RT, chief Project Engineer, Sergey Lyuty, said: 'The road arch is interesting primarily because of its location.

The popular vacation spot is home to Russia's Black Sea fleet and is mostly populated by ethnic Russians extremely wary of the new pro-Western leaders in the country's capital Kiev some 400 miles (650 kilometres) to the north.

The territory, about the size of Belgium, is an important agricultural and wine-producing region with rich tobacco plantations.

Crimea has also become a popular tourist region because of its subtropical climate and numerous seaside resorts.

But its history is chequered by invasion and occupation, with everyone from the Huns to Venetians, Byzantine Greeks and Ottoman Turks lording over its seaside cliffs and rich agricultural land over the centuries.

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