Daniel and farrah still dating

In Keep On Loving You, Danny feels uncomfortable about Chantay and Peter, the respective female and male leads for Declan's school musical, having to share a kiss.

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I don’t know how Debra can continue to allow Farrah’s abusive behavior towards her, unless it is in part an act and done to keep them interesting by shocking the audience.The plan fails when Chantay takes the contaminated bottle away from Peter, completely unaware that it was originally Danny's.The next day, Chantay is seen crying and coughing because she has no choice but to drop out of the play at the last minute because she suddenly has gotten sick.She's furious when she finds out about Danny and Peter's plan. After the musical is over, Danny and Peter patch things up with Chantay by arranging an encore reprisal of "Space Awakening" at Above the Dot, so she could have a second chance to perform.In Degrassi Takes Manhattan, Danny graduates from Degrassi along with Peter and Jane.She, in return, is upset with him for being rude to her, especially because her blog was completely misconstrued.When Danny and Chantay come to an understanding, they share a kiss and make up.However, this tactic failed, and Danny instead asked out Chantay.After Danny turned Leia down for good, Danny and Chantay agreed to wait a respectable time after his break up to begin dating.She's never one to blend in with the crowd and Farrah Abraham certainly didn't when she stepped onto the red carpet for a party in Hollywood this week. Yellow is one of those colours that really is reserved for the summer months.As ever she left little to the imagination in a dress that showed off her surgically enhanced cleavage and featured a thigh-high split exposing her thigh. It's bright hue looks even better with bronzed skin, so if you're still feeling a little pasty from winter, it might go better with a little fake tan.

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