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It’s easy for teens to think of dating abuse as an issue that doesn’t apply to them, that they don’t understand, or that is boring.Social media is great way to engage teens in the issue.As if I want to hear another of your sorry excuses, Strung from your silver tongue and flung in my face. Was I too blind to go and see straight through you?

Dating Violence is an abstract concept for teens today.

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness month, which serves as the perfect platform for facilitating open and honest conversations about the topic.

The trouble is that ‘Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Month’ is a mouthful, and can obscure the issue, making it seem complex and intimidating to teenagers.

For Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, we created a line of Valentine’s Day-themed Callout Cards that highlight healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors.

Teens can download these images and share them on the social media platform of their choice.

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