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I was a top student at top schools in England, but I didn’t pay any attention to that.I got interested in physics when I was about 10, and just read more and more about it, and then started doing research about it, writing about it, and eventually publishing papers about it.The ETN OCCAM is seeking 15 exceptional early-career researchers (ESRs), who will each work on one of 15 projects.Each ESR will be full-time employed by one of the consortium members.If you are applying for more than one ESR position: please make a separate application for each position.Up to three applications are welcome and will not influence the selection chance in any particular project.

In addition to being enrolled for doctoral study, appointed candidates will benefit from research collaboration within the OCCAM network, extensive joint training opportunities, and collaboration with non-academic organizations.

And Norbert Wiener, who got his Ph D in math at Harvard in 1912 at 18.

I’m guessing there are perhaps a dozen other legitimate examples, mostly in math and closely related areas.

Well, I knew I’d finished my Ph D in November 1979—and I was born August 29, 1959.

So that would also have made me around 20 years and 2 months old.

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