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(So far, I’m the only non-math example I know; quite likely I even have the global record for youngest physics Ph D.) What do I think about precociousness?Over the years, a lot of people have come to me with it, so I’ve seen quite a bit of it.Needless to say, we were both curious who had the record for youngest Caltech Ph D.Catherine said she was 20 years, 2 months and 12 days old when she did her Ph D defense.

In addition to being enrolled for doctoral study, appointed candidates will benefit from research collaboration within the OCCAM network, extensive joint training opportunities, and collaboration with non-academic organizations.Well, I knew I’d finished my Ph D in November 1979—and I was born August 29, 1959.So that would also have made me around 20 years and 2 months old.Contact the host organizations for further information on the research projects and the employment contracts.You may contact the network coordinator, TU Dortmund University, for general questions on OCCAM.My guess is that many of the better outcomes are associated with people who have good early judgment, as well as skill. Because it allowed me to launch into adult life early—before whatever enthusiasm and originality I had was ground down by years of structured education.As it happens, I didn’t start off thinking of myself as precocious.For further general information on the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions 2018–2020 program please see here.Read the information specific to the research projects you are interested in (above) as well as the research, training, and dissemination sections of this website.In the middle of it, I was having a rather spirited discussion (about the second law of thermodynamics) with Richard Feynman, and suddenly the room started shaking—there was a minor earthquake. My 30-year record for youngest Caltech Ph D is preserved, by less than a week. Perhaps the correct official date for “getting a Ph D” is the graduation ceremony.And by that measure, Catherine Beni is the winner by almost 6 months!

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