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I bought a nice antique headboard and foot-board, ca. The pieces I bought had notches cut in them with brass plates of a certain shape.

Although I couldn't get brass fasteners anywhere, the ones I got at Paxton Hardware are exactly the right size, inexpensive compared to other outlets, and delivery was prompt.

even better quality than the original fastener that was used when our Amish bed was built about 27 years ago!

Thank you so very much for the help and kindness and prompt service!!!

It would have helped to include a template, though I made mine, it took longer than expected because the guides are hidden when trying to insert the fastener.

The design patent protects only the appearance of an article, but not its structural or functional features. Would recommend going with the bigger size because of the ribbed shoulder. Communications with Paxton Harware is simple and fast. The website offers exact measures and pictures and is very easy to navigate.the smaller ones have pins which require more details for students to install. I knew exactly the total cost and delivery time prior to my purchase.The steel pieces are not visible, anyway, so it isn't important that they are not brass.I recently obtained two sets of head and foot boards (in incredible condition) from a family member that date back to the mid to late 1800's.Not all antique cast iron beds can be stretched out into a queen size.Back at the turn of the last century the widest bed was 54" and is now called a full size bed or a double size bed.They don't make hardware for beds like this anymore, or so I thought.Paxton Hardware does, and it saved us hundreds of dollars we otherwise would've spent having them done by an antique restoration company or buying beds like these somewhere new.After searching locally and on-line for a few hours, I was hesitant to order, since I needed the cast iron bed rail fastener before the new mattresses arrived.But, how to get them here in time was a challenge, since it happened on a Friday morning.

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