Dating birthday present whos dating bob harper

You can get her a gift certificate to a day spa, pedicure place so she can take her mom with or friend.Surprise her with a couples massage followed by dinner.

I don't think that level of commitment would be the issue at 2 weeks into the relationship. just tell her happy birthday, and go see one of your buddies. If you had said its been a little more than a year , being together, and you're boning, then I would say, sure, take her to dinner.

You can surprise her by dropping her off before dinner to a pedicure place day spa to get her hair did, nails done.

Go to the local grocery store and get some flowers while shes at the spa and have them on her seat when she gets in then take her to dinner..

For me, that early in the relationship, I still wouldn't be sure how I felt about him and accepting a large gift from someone that I'm not sure about yet would just seem...wrong. It's different,fun and again something you can do together.

Again, a card or a small gift or as smilenpretty suggested, taking her out to dinner and just showing that you care would be appropriate. But women love presents, so something like a gift card to her favorite store would be perfect! If you know her favorite food or restaurant is good too. Also, someone mentioned a gift certificate to nail salon.

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