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In the old days, marriages and weddings were worked out by families, following rules laid out by ancient traditions.

In the Communist era, these details were often worked out by neighborhood councils and work units.

A survey in China found that half the men who had sex with men also had sex with women and third of them were married.These days, families have reasserted their control but individuals getting married probably have more say in marriage matters than they ever had before.According to a Chinese legend, couples destined to marry have invisible red strings, connecting them, tied around their ankles when they are young children.But in some places people feel that their marriage needs a religious endorsement.In many cases this involves monks and nuns chanting sutras after the civil ceremony is completed. Sometimes monks are invited so the couple and their relatives can obtain religious merit.As they grow older the strings gets shorter and shorter until it is time for them to wed.Nothing can severe the strings "not distance, changing circumstances, or love.Another survey found that a quarter of the urban, unmarried women wanted to marry but not have children.About 11 percent said they would prefer to stay single.Introductions and gobetweens continue to play a major role in the arrangement of marriages.In most cases each of the young people, and their parents, has an effective veto over any proposed match.

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