Dating for country folk

As the result of last 30 years rockabilly artists have become a sort of specific subculture.

Today, you can find bands which perform rockabilly in every European and American city.

There are over 156 varieties that trace their history to Somerset.

The ancient name for Glastonbury was Avallon, which means ‘The Isle of Apples’ in the ancient British language.

The fruit are developed by autumn and ready for harvest, some continuing to fruit into winter.

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The Greeks and Romans planted apple trees throughout their respective empires.This sour fruit is called a pome (Paterson, page 108).Wild Apple The Wild Apple is native to Europe and Western Asia.Now, there are estimated to be over 2,000 varieties.The Crab Apple is Britain’s only indigenous Apple tree (similar to current Cider Apple trees), but every invading settler brought in their own local varieties.The Beatles and The Rolling Stones were British Invasion artists influenced by rockabilly, unfortunately the British Invasion reduced rockabilly`s popularity in America.Since the end of the 1970s there was a revival of interest to rockabilly (Stray Cats, Dave Edmunds).Apple Botanical name: Pyrus malus or communis Family: malus/communis Ogham: Quert Scots Gaelic: Crann Ubhall, ubhal-fiadhaich, Cuirt Irish Gaelic: Crann Úll, Aball Welsh: Afallen; pren afalau, Afal French: Pomme Description The Apple tree is the oldest cultivated tree in Europe. 177) Crab Apple The original British apple tree is a Crab Apple - a deciduous tree that flowers in April and May with a distinctive five petal white or pink flower that gives off a wonderful scent similar to honeysuckle.The tree seldom grows larger than twenty-five feet high.The fruit matures in summer, and is larger than that of a Crab Apple, averaging three and a half inches across.The apple has a star shaped core that is often used in Druid and Witches rituals as a natural pentagram (Hopman, page 87). Somerset Apples The County of Somerset in Great Britain is long famous for its apples.

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