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So, I had the same eager before I watched the first episode of Goblin.In the end, as another Kim Eun Sok's works, the story of Goblin, the script, the emotions, the details, are all perfect.Watching good looking faces as main characters is very important to make audiences keep interested and not get bored easily.You should've chosen a more beautiful actress as the main character, who has a good acting skill also, of course.In ancient times, Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) is an unbeatable general in wars, but the young King (Kim Min-Jae) is jealous of Kim Shin and kills him.Kim Shin becomes Dokkaebi (Goblin), possessing an immortal life.

9 years later, Ji Eun-Tak lives with her mother and is able to see ghosts. She still sees ghosts and hears their whisper of “Dokkaebi’s bride.” She now lives with her aunt’s family, but she is mistreated by them.Kim Shin does not know why, but he can hear her voice and appears in front of her against his will.Coincidentally, Kim Shin lives with the Grim Reaper at the same house. It was in my experience the best Drama I've ever watched.But Goblin Drama would've been perfect if they chose a prettier main character.There are many Korean actress who can act well, and have beautiful face as well.Now, Kim Shin appears in front of her against his will, whenever she turns off the lights. BTW, there are are few type of people who didn't like the series, vain people who were looking for eye candy, people who had difficult time paying attention to the plot, and religious or conservatives.One day, Ji Eun-Tak tells him that he is Dokkaebi and she is his bride. 3) Transition, smooth flow between genres, comedy, fantasy, and urgency, romance. I don't get why some viewers actually thought that this was deep when in fact, it reeked of pretentiousness.Though we are in a millenials era but still they manage to make the story CUTE like a teenage telenobela. it will be end 2017, but this drama is still one of the best for me.well, its common if people like or not, agree or disagree.In today's tech generation, Whatsapp has captured everyone's attention and time.It is imperative of what your status says and denotes.

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