Dating hawaiian cattle ranchers

From him: “Steve only serves 'new' shell because the meat is sweeter and more tender, and he has his own lobstermen he uses to supply him so he knows exactly what he’s getting.

He keeps them in seawater, instead of cold water -- because he sells so many so quickly he doesn’t have to worry about them eating each other -- then boils them in salt water, shucks them fresh, and cools them on ice. We'll happily line up for a Baltimore pit beef on a Kaiser roll any day of the week, but when in a port state, nothing tastes sweeter than the local catch.

At this tiny cafeteria wedged in between artsy Wynwood and high-rising Midtown, you'll get ham, roast pork, Swiss, mustard, and mayo on fresh-baked and pressed Cuban bread.

And while there's always debate about the best Cuban sandwich in Miami, this is the best one you'll find.

And no one in Hawaii has made them longer and better than Leonard’s, especially if you opt for the traditional sugar-covered, or feel like getting a little chubbier with the custard-style.

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In what may come as a surprise to most folks who've never been to the state, Connecticut's best food isn't, in fact, a single Saltine eaten at a boarding school.

Opened in the ‘30s, the family-owned restaurant (and, initially, family-run fishing camp) hauls the giant fish out of the nearby Tombigbee, fries up the filets, and serves them alongside dense hushpuppies. Sure, you can find some shady roadside stand peddling black bear jerky or a sausage made from one of Santa's reindeer, but the move here is to honor the fishermen who risk their lives trolling for Alaskan king crab, a crustacean that's perhaps the most dangerous thing to fish for in the entire ocean.

The place to go is Tracy's King Crab Shack, where the "Best Legs In Town" slogan isn't an exaggeration.

Doused in butter, its crab claws are everything you'd want in a bite of crustacean, and Tracy's earns bonus points for a crab bisque that's worth the trip alone.

Whether Arizona’s claim of inventing the chimichanga is irrelevant: the act of dunking a burrito in a deep-fryer is an act of American ingenuity akin to putting hot dogs on a stick, and Arizona makes them better than anyone. California is a giant place with lots of iconic foods.

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