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The two men working together made many improvements on the land including a saw mill along Pigeye Creek, a subsidiary of the West Branch. He and Nancy had four children three of whom survived to adulthood: Charles E., Clara and Emma. was running the local hotel under the name of Harrisburg Hotel.Both were millers and John III also served as a township trustee for a number of years. Her husband, John III, died a year later at about the age of 66. The sign in front of the hotel building shows up in many of Edwin Sink’s photos of Englewood ca. How many of you have been to a family reunion in recent times or ever?"I was proud that she trusted us and after that she joined us daily." Some of the sights they passed on their trek included Metherd's sawmill, but "we weren't allowed to get very near, since Willie Koogler broke his leg badly by getting near those large logs." Sometimes Mr.Huddle, the butcher, "had a big white hog carcass hanging on a side porch," and as they passed the bank "we talked about brave Della Rush who stepped on the burglar alarm and scared away the bank robbers." Sometimes her mother permitted her to buy a cookie or banana for her lunch box at Waymire's grocery. For example, "My father owned a Ford which he used to run a mail route out of Dayton and for the family, while my grandfather was using his horse and buggy." She wrote of her pleasure in the first electric table lamp in her home. John II and his wife whose maiden name was Snowberger had 9 children who lived to adulthood, i.e., John III, Jacob, Samuel, Andrew, Marie, Henry, David, Elizabeth and Nancy.The Berk Families, by Sue Cummings Recently, Bob Frantz donated an original photo of the Louis (Lewis) Berk family to the historical society. " Across the street from this sawmill was a blacksmith shop operated by Samuel Lambert, who was a Civil War veteran." Betz tells how the boys stopped by the shop often to listen to his Civil War stories.Bob identified the people in the photo, including his grandmother Alice Berk Frantz, wife of Marion Frantz, his grandfather. "There was a slaughter house, as they were called then, on the west hill.Henry married Sarah Shiltz of Darke County in 1840. RTHS is fortunate to have the attendance book and minutes of the Becker family reunions from the first reunion on August 31, 1902 to the last on June 26, 1977.

"Once a mother brought out her first-grade daughter and asked if she could walk with us as she feared the dogs, Aiken wrote.While growing up, young Henry and probably some of his brothers and sisters attended a nearby subscription school. A century ago, such gatherings were commonplace – now they are vanishing as family members scatter across the country and world.This most probably was a log school run by Quakers at West Branch. It is easier and less costly now to keep in touch with email, Facebook, and other types of social media.Initially, the Becker family reunions were held at farms of various relatives living in and around Union, Centre (Phillipsburg), Gordon, Milton (West Milton), Troy, and Piqua. The Montgomery County Atlas of 1895 shows Henry Berk (the son) owning 160 acres (NE Qtr of Sec. Margaret Berk Hough’s father was Harry Berk who married Martha Black. Betz' father was a wagon maker, tobacco box maker, furniture maker and casket maker.By 1931, some of the reunions were being held at community groves and parks instead of homes. 28) and Louis owning about 100 acres (NW Qtr of Sec. Louis’ father was the youngest son, Earl Berk, and he married Ethel Black, sister of Martha. More details on these families can be found in the society’s genealogy archives. His sons helped him in these pursuits until his untimely death on June 12, 1901.It not only "had a rose silk shade which glowed so lovely, but it meant "no more chimneys to wash! John II brought his family to Randolph Twp., Montgomery County, OH in 1815." Englewood grew a bit when "Grandma Tate's orchard and farm to the south were to be subdivided into lots along two new streets, Orchard and Tate," but after that there was almost no building in Englewood due to the Depression. He was accompanied by the William Hart family and they settled on adjoining farms in sections 4 and 5. Children of some of these later Beckers may have attended No.She concluded that "our town has had a good history." She died in 2000 and is buried with her husband in Fairview Cemetery. Beers, History of Montgomery County, 1882 Randolph Township history recognizes the contributions of many different Becker (Baker) families through the years. John III soon married Rebecca Hart with whom he had five children, Henry (1816), David, Rebecca, Abraham and Annie. 19 school in 1906, i.e., Raleigh, Clifford and Ralph Becker and perhaps even Clarence and Ethel Baker. This hotel went by several names but in 1880 it was called the National Hotel and was owned by Jacob E. His father was Henry Becker who may have been John III’s younger brother who bought a farm of 160 acres in Montgomery County, OH near Liberty (Madison Twp.).The Becker-Hemmerich Families Information taken from “The Becker-Hemmerich Families” a Genealogical Collection by Arthur M. Most are probably related to John I who was born on the Atlantic Ocean in 1737 when his parents moved to America from S. John III worked with his father John II to clear about 103 acres in Section 4. Our readers may recall that an early hotel in Harrisburg stood at the SW corner of Rt. When Henry died in 1851, Jacob ran the farm for three years but after his marriage to Nancy Cox in 1857 tried various pursuits before settling into the restaurant and hotel business.In 1865, Henry built a new saw mill and shipped large quantities of black walnut to distant points on the C. The first Becker reunion took place at the residence of John S. There were 113 people in attendance, 97 relatives and 16 visitors. Surnames from the attendance record read like a who’s who of Randolph Township – Baker, Becker, Bowman, Carey, Gilbert, Harley, Harshbarger, Heckman, Hemmerick, Hoke, Hoover, Miller, Rinehart, Royer, Swank, Thomas, and Wheelock to name a few. After attendance was taken, attendees visited and played games, said grace, and enjoyed a meal together. Clara married Melvin Bennet and her daughter Ruth also is in the photo. Soon after, Betz' father bought 3 acres of land on the north edge of Salem (Clayton).A business meeting started with a prayer, officers were elected, a site was chosen for the next reunion, a collection was taken, and receipts and expenditures recorded. New marriages, births, and deaths were noted in the minutes of each meeting. married Anna Glass and they had eight children: Amelia, Anna, Enna, Ellen, Henry, Louis and Theodore. saw that all of his children received some of his land. Bob Frantz’s grandmother Mary Alice was the wife of Marion Frantz and their son Harry was Bob’s father. All three boys were born in Clayton: Jesse Earl on ; Franklin Maphis on 13 Jul l885; and John Willis on .

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