Dating into polygamy

And, incredibly, the reason for Moroni's mood - he is sitting slumped, head in hands - is that he has been dumped by the woman he hoped would become wife number three.He moans 'I've been heartbroken more times than I care to admit', which sparks a fresh wave of sympathetic noises from both his wives.Instead, I am greeted by a man who is articulate, intelligent and softly spoken.True, physically speaking Moroni - named after a Mormon god - is hardly a catch.Overweight, buck-toothed and with a wispy goatee, I can't imagine him inciting passion or jealousy.But this construction worker is softly spoken and considerate, and it becomes clear that both wives adore him, as do the ever-present crowd of children.Both wives listen to him with rapt attention as he explains that the purpose of polygamy is for one man to produce as large a clan as possible.When Moroni complains that life for a polygamist husband is hard, incredibly his wives sympathise.

'This one obviously just wasn’t right…'So why do I find myself here - deep in rural Arizona, meeting two wives who bizarrely claim that it is they who do the exploiting, rather than the husband who moves between their beds virtually every other night of the week?

Except that when this blushing virgin bride was making her vows, she already knew that within a few short years her husband would be looking elsewhere for another fresh-faced 'bride'.

So keen to accept this arrangement was Martha, now 35, that when Moroni announced it was time for another partner, she helped him to search.

The result was 'bride' number two, Temple, 27 - a Martha lookalike with straight dark hair, eager smile and thick glasses.

Polygamy is outlawed in America, but many polygamists live in rural backwaters.

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