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With that, the potential for charges of favoritism or special treatment is eliminated.

Addressing a situation when two employees start seeing each other isn’t often a manager’s favorite issue to deal with.

As long as people spend time together at work, romance is a distinct likelihood.

As we mentioned above, a significant number of married people meet their spouses on the job – probably not surprising, considering how much time people spend at work.

And 31% percent said they ended up marrying their office amour.

So it’s pretty clear that in many workplaces — from restaurants to stock brokerages to hospitals — love is in the air.

It can feel like an invasion of privacy – after all, aren’t two grownups entitled to conduct their romantic lives however they choose? That’s often slippery ground for supervisors who are far more comfortable with cut-and-dried topics like production numbers and scheduling. Office relationships are often the focus of intense discussion – which can lead to workplace distractions and even unprofessional conduct on the part of co-workers. Managers must make sure both the romantic partners and their co-workers understand that cooperation and productivity expectations remain unchanged, no matter how personal relationships may develop.

Managers aren’t the only ones who need to be aware of the rules surrounding workplace romance – employees do, too.

It can be a dangerous game of risk and chance, quite often resulting in disappointment for one or both parties.

But it seems many employers steer clear of legislating workplace relationships until they present some kind of problem for individual, team or organizational productivity.

No doubt, employee dating can carry some undesired consequences: If a relationship goes sour, the breakup can lead to charges of sexual harassment, retaliation and hostile work environment claims.

Organizations that don’t provide guidance about employee relationships do so at their own risk.

While it may not warrant formal training, smart companies give employees a heads up on the kind of conduct that’s acceptable.

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