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Jones’ boss confronted him with the allegations and explained the company rule against dating subordinates. Much later, someone turned over an email Jones apparently wrote to the woman and left on a printer.He even told Jones that if he wanted to date the individual in question, one of them could be transferred to another section. The email indicated that the two had re­­cently ended their relationship.Dating a coworker can have unwanted consequences depending on company policies and how the relationship unfolds.If you do decide to pursue a relationship with a coworker, experts suggest answering a few questions before you leap. Companies have different policies regarding interoffice relationships, so research before pursuing a coworker.“You’re there to work—your company’s paying you for a job to do,” says Amanda Lachapelle, director of human resources and talent acquisition at Glassdoor. “If there’s no policy, it’s never ever a good idea to get involved with someone in a reporting structure, whether they report to you or vice versa,” warns Cunningham.

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For several years, he received good evaluations and regular raises.Then several of his employees complained that Jones appeared to be engaging in a personal relationship with a subordinate.The em­­ployees explained that the two took vacation at the same time, flirted with each other and generally acted as if they were involved in a romantic relationship.”With this said, mixing business with pleasure can have a long-term negative impact on a career.Before deciding to date a colleague, Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources for Career, suggests weighing the pros and cons of starting a relationship and to be prepared to tread carefully and be ready to take responsibility for the decision.This issue arises under the heading of "fraternization" rules and is worth reconsidering with the Dominique Strauss-Kahn scandal in the news -- not because of the current sexual-assault charges that have led to his resignation as head of the International Monetary Fund, but because of an incident three years ago that did not: A 2008 investigation of Strauss-Kahn's affair with a subordinate economist at the IMF concluded that the affair was consensual, and that while Strauss-Kahn had acted inappropriately, he had not acted coercively. (The IMF economist recently released a letter she sent to the investigator in 2008 claiming coercion by Strauss-Kahn, but this view of events was not credited in the investigator's report.) In the factually similar cases of Strauss-Kahn at the IMF and Stonecipher at Boeing (married men, consensual sex, steamy communications), the "fraternization" results are completely opposite.In different institutional settings, the IMF has no clear rules, the World Bank has a presumption of wrongdoing, and the U. military has a flat prohibition against superior-subordinate sex.You could get fired.”Being involved with a coworker can potentially jeopardize business objectives or be a distraction in the workplace, says Jolynn Cunningham, director of talent at Indeed.“You’re there to do business and personal relationships are secondary.”If your company allows a relationship, pursue it with discretion.(If peers in the same unit begin a romantic relationship, a customary response is to assign one of them to a different part of the organization.) But the IMF did not take such a strict view of Strauss-Kahn's affair with a subordinate.If it had, and if it had evaluated apparently wide-spread reports about his serial, public sexual relationships, it would have sparred itself today's imbroglio over leadership (although it would not have had Strauss-Kahn at the helm since 2008).

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