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On , with Louis XIII dead, Queen Anne had her husband's will annulled by the Parlement de Paris (a judicial body comprising mostly nobles and high clergymen).

This action abolished the regency council and made Anne sole Regent of France.

Anne wanted to give her son an absolute authority and a victorious kingdom.

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Sensing imminent death, Louis XIII decided to put his affairs in order in the spring of 1643, when Louis XIV was four years old.At the time of his birth, his parents had been married for 23 years.His mother had experienced four stillbirths between 16.This free asian dating site provides you with all those features which make searching and browsing as easy as you've always wished for. Asian personals are waiting for you in SAINT LOUIS. In peacetime he concentrated on preparing for the next war.He taught his diplomats that their job was to create tactical and strategic advantages for the French military.In 1646, Nicolas V de Villeroy became the young king's tutor.Louis XIV became friends with Villeroy's young children, particularly François de Villeroy, and divided his time between the Palais-Royal and the nearby Hotel de Villeroy.Under his rule, the Edict of Nantes, which granted rights to Huguenots, was abolished.The revocation effectively forced Huguenots to emigrate or convert in a wave of dragonnades, which managed to virtually destroy the French Protestant minority.

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