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If we try to implement filtering will it be anything other than intrusive and ineffective, given the resources of a small organization like ours?

And we must now account for the fact that our liability to operate a service such as has unequivocally increased, especially given that FOSTA explicitly makes this a criminal liability.

We didn't even realize FOSTA was in motion until it started to show up in the news, with it's passage this past Friday.

It's unclear many small site operators realize how they are now criminally liable if someone tries to use their site for prostitution or sex trafficking.

Perhaps this is an over-reaction but when you take on additional liability for the actions of others an abundance of caution is warranted.

We were able to offer as a free service to the community because the liability to us was manageable and we could manage our cost effectively.

In many ways this bill targets small sites like ours directly, it favors organizations with the resources to invest in filtering technology, paid staff and legal support staff.

It is less of an impediment for big organizations, while doing significant harm to small organizations like ours, which service niche communities like ours.

Update 3/31/18 We're working to update our terms of service and modify the site as required.

It appears that if President Trump does not sign FOSTA into law very soon then it may have to start it's legislative journey over again.

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