Dating the writing of the gospels

Overall it was The Fourth Rome, or in a shorter count – the second.

As we know Moscow was subsequently called the Third Rome (according to the short count).

Moreover this fortress is located PRECISELY in the very place where the Biblical Jerusalem was supposed to be situated according to our research.

The fortifications of Yoros, the remains of which are visible today, were built in 1261 A. In fact, the distance from Yoros-Jerusalem to the top of Beykoz-Golgotha is about two hours walk, which corresponds well with the Gospels.

As we understand it now, it could not have been otherwise, as the Beykoz mountain is situated right on the shore of the wide Bosphorus.To summarise, 1st Rome: the Nile Valley (Alexandria, Cairo); 2nd Rome: Yoros = Jerusalem = Troy; 3rd Rome: Vladimir-Suzdal Rus' = Veliky Novgorod (Yaroslavl, Vladimir) = Rome of Enei-Rurik; 4th Rome; Constantinople; 5th Rome: Moscow.But when in the XVI century Romes were counted, where Moscow was numbered as the Third Rome (and not the Fifth), they have clearly started counting not from the deep antiquity of African Egypt, but from Rome of Enei-Rurik, i.e.He was a vassal of Biblical Jerusalem = Tsar-Grad (Yoros) in the Bosphorus.Among such femas-provinces were: African Egypt, Rus'-Horde, territories of Western Europe, where consequently (in the XVI-XVII cc.) there would emerge – Germany, Italy, England and Spain, etc.From there can be seen very clearly the European shore of the strait, where the centre of Constantinople is situated, which could have been also considered the Biblical Jerusalem later on, when the capital was relocated here from the city-fortress Yoros.Any artist, had a more or less accurate recollection of the original story, would have depicted the Bosphorus strait as a significant part of the landscape, which served as a backdrop to the site of Christ's crucifixion.But YOROS (IOROS) is a simple abbreviation of JEROSALEM.By the way, in Latin this word is also spelled with an 'o' - Hierosolyma.Fig.4 shows an old painting, apparently from the XVIII-XIX cc., depicting the Turks resting on Beykoz mountain close to 'the grave of holy Jesus (Yusha or Yusa)'.The undoubtable focal point of the whole composition is the picturesque remains of an imposing age-old fortress.

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