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It stands on the very shore of the Bosphorus on a hill next to Beykoz.Thus the Turkish name of this old fortress on the Bosphorus - Yoros (Ioros), precisely corresponds with the first half of the word IEROSALIM in its old pre-reform spelling.Fig.4 shows an old painting, apparently from the XVIII-XIX cc., depicting the Turks resting on Beykoz mountain close to 'the grave of holy Jesus (Yusha or Yusa)'.The undoubtable focal point of the whole composition is the picturesque remains of an imposing age-old fortress.

As we know Moscow was subsequently called the Third Rome (according to the short count).

He was a vassal of Biblical Jerusalem = Tsar-Grad (Yoros) in the Bosphorus.

Among such femas-provinces were: African Egypt, Rus'-Horde, territories of Western Europe, where consequently (in the XVI-XVII cc.) there would emerge – Germany, Italy, England and Spain, etc.

But YOROS (IOROS) is a simple abbreviation of JEROSALEM.

By the way, in Latin this word is also spelled with an 'o' - Hierosolyma.

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