Dating trips to russia

Another Russian officer held Assad back when he tried to walk alongside Putin.The message was clear: The new master of Syria, whose air force (along with Iranian ground forces) saved Assad, was demonstrating who was now in charge.Trudy Rubin’s Worldview column runs on Thursdays and Sundays.Over the past decade she has made multiple trips to Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Turkey, Israel and the West Bank and also written from Syria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Iran, Russia, Ukraine, South Korea and China.

Putin’s victory lap stands in sharp contrast to the negative international fallout from Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem the previous week.

Their interests are in conflict with America’s – and guarantee future problems for Washington, unless Trump reverses his retreat in 2018.

Nothing symbolizes this ongoing power shift better than Vladimir Putin’s triumphant visit to Syria on Dec.

His obsessive belief in his (imaginary) close relationship with Putin has left him open to manipulation by a Kremlin leader who knows just how to play the president.

Trump has approved “deconfliction” deals with Moscow that leave Iran free to expand its presence in Syria along the Israeli border.

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