Doctor patient dating virginia

For clinical hires, a review and approval by a professional standards board also is required.

But when applicants disclose prior problems with medical licensing short of revocation, malpractice or criminal histories, VA hospital officials have discretion to weigh the providers’ explanations and approve their hiring anyway.

During his subsequent surgeries at the VA, a World War II veteran was blinded in 2006 and he allegedly implanted the wrong lens in another patient’s eye in 2012.Kim has denied any wrongdoing, and a VA investigation suggested a nurse assisting Kim caused the blinding.Psychiatrist David Houlihan landed a job at a VA hospital in Wisconsin in 2002 and was promoted to chief of staff two years later, even though the Iowa Board of Medicine had charged him with engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a patient and taking patient medications home.And yet the psychiatrist, Stephen Lester Greer, went on to have a sexual relationship with a VA patient and ended up pleading guilty in August to witness tampering for trying to persuade the patient to lie about it to federal investigators.The VA hired a psychologist to work at a clinic in Lafayette, La., in 2004, despite his revealing previous felony convictions on his application, according to the internal documents, which don’t identify the provider by name.Monaco’s oxygen levels dropped dangerously low, but Schneider discharged him anyway, medical board records show.He went home and took the medications as prescribed, the lawsuit says, but his family found him dead the next morning.Schneider filed bankruptcy in December that year, leaving malpractice claimants hanging without payment even now, including the Monaco family.In an interview, Schneider laid blame for Monaco's death on a physician assistant who prescribed the medications.The case that captured the attention of Wyoming Board of Medicine officials was Russell Monaco, a father of two who went under Schneider’s knife in 2011 for a procedure to decrease pressure on nerves in his lower back, according to a wrongful death suit filed by his wife, Kathy.After the operation, he was prescribed a litany of narcotics that can depress breathing, including fentanyl, oxycodone, valium, and Demerol.

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