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For clinical hires, a review and approval by a professional standards board also is required.

But when applicants disclose prior problems with medical licensing short of revocation, malpractice or criminal histories, VA hospital officials have discretion to weigh the providers’ explanations and approve their hiring anyway.

Richard Joseph Hopkins survived three more brain surgeries for ensuing complications before dying Aug.

23 from infection.“Rick was strong, he was a bull,” his sister Annette Rainsford said. ”James Wehmeyer, a 77-year-old Army veteran, said Schneider performed his first spinal procedure in July.

The VA hospital in Muskogee, Okla., hired a psychiatrist in 2013 with multiple disciplinary actions against his Oklahoma license, including for sexual misconduct, according to internal documents obtained by USA TODAY.

Hospital officials knew about his past, but approved his hiring anyway with the condition he be closely monitored during his probation period, the documents show.

The Iowa City VA had been looking for a full-time neurosurgeon for nearly a year when Schneider came along.

Kim, despite his being sanctioned by licensing authorities in Georgia.

During his subsequent surgeries at the VA, a World War II veteran was blinded in 2006 and he allegedly implanted the wrong lens in another patient’s eye in 2012.

He went on to earn the nickname “candy man” at the Tomah, Wis., VA because of the prolific amounts of narcotics he prescribed.

The VA fired Houlihan in 2015 after revelations a 35-year-old veteran patient had died from mixed drug toxicity at the facility.

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