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Violet also grows fond of one of her dad's therapy patients, who is being treated for psychosis, Tate Langdon.Ben and Vivien must endure the trials and tribulations of Ben's constant infidelity while Vivien is pregnant, prompting vengeful ex-mistress Hayden and overly maternal next-door neighbor and former resident of the house, Constance Langdon, to scheme to steal the children.Given Murphy's confirmation that the season will finally begin to tie together the mythology of the entire series — something long theorized and awaited by viewers — it's safe to say there is a lot riding on this sixth cycle.(Murphy has spoken about plans for a seventh and eighth cycle, but the series has yet to be renewed.) "I won’t disagree with the fact that we are wondering, along with you, if this does increase live [viewership]," said Gibbons about expectations for premiere ratings.In death, Vivien is able to forgive Ben and is able to raise her still-born son, and they and other ghosts, resolve to scare away any new tenants in order to prevent them from suffering the same fate.For her performance, Britton was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie in 2012. Ben Harmon (portrayed by Dylan Mc Dermott) is a psychiatrist, married to Vivien Harmon and the father of Violet Harmon. After weeks of "misdirect" teasers designed to turn the sixth season of the FX anthology series into a guessing game for viewers, Wednesday night's premiere finally revealed the theme and main cast for the hit Ryan Murphy show.

American Horror Story: Murder House is the first season of the FX horror anthology series American Horror Story.Prior to the series' start, she had a miscarriage that caused her withdraw from Ben, who then had an affair with Hayden Mc Claine, one of his college students.Vivien initially finds it hard to forgive Ben, but Ben is committed to keeping the family together, and she agrees to move to Los Angeles to start over.Titled "My Roanoke Nightmare," the TV special came with a warning — that the story was based on true events — and a dramatic reenactment.regular Sarah Paulson and series newcomer Cuba Gooding Jr. The premiere episode continued to play in both the present and the past — something Murphy had previously teased about the super-secretive season.One of the teasers, titled "The Mist," showed a creature crawling on a misty railroad track in a nod to the 1984 Stephen King classic.But speculation also landed on the Lost Colony theme after photos, claiming to be of the set, showed the word "Croatoan" carved into a tree, a reference to Roanoke.It doesn't take long for the haunting to begin.The reenactment started as many haunting stories do, with Shelby and Matt in denial over unexplained attacks of vandalism and violence, Matt blames the events on hillbilly neighbors (one being Chaz Bono), but still calls his sister, Lee (Adina Porter), who is portrayed by returning castmember Angela Bassett in the reenactment, to stay with Shelby while he travels for work."You’ve read the first chapter, but it’s far from the end of the book," said Gibbons, adding that the promotion for the season will continue to be less explicit than in seasons past, so as to not spoil any upcoming plot points."This season is very different — and I mean that in the most thrilling and awesome way — than anything that’s come before it." Indeed, Murphy and FX are continuing to keep things shrouded in secrecy, as the cast won't be doing any interviews until the season ends.

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