Exclusive vip dating club

Fail to claim the points the following day will cause invalidity of the online time points.

You must log out normally once every day before , so that your online time can be calculated by the system.

This mainly due to the location and the team behind the club.

Of course Privilege Entertainment, is from the beginning, the biggest guestlist & tables booking provider for Jungle London Club.

These are not available for sale nor available any other way. Enjoy a Virtual VIP Suite to easily manage your account; 15% off Mix & Match ordering so you always receive the items you really want; and maximize 3 & Thank You Rewards, which gives you credits each time you enroll three friends who remain as VIP customers.

Note: Your online time is based on the previous day's recorded time.

We will update here with more feedback in the next couple of months.

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One of our team will get back to you providing all info you need.

Party at Jungle London Club will be one of the best unique experience in London.

Since of being an exclusive nightclub entry is guestlist only.

The moment you step through the doors you are transported from the bright lights of the city to the rumbling chaos of the Jungle.

From immersive actors and performers to epic memorable décor, Jungle London Club therefore offers high-end nightlife a new exhilarating fix!

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