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” “Thank you so much for the support, this is my first time signing up for this program and I am so happy!

I am extremely grateful and can’t even put into words how wonderful everyone has been.

Given the recent drawdowns in Afghanistan and other spots around the world, you may think that America has forgotten that right now, at the very moment you’re reading this, soldiers are continuing to sacrifice so much for the sake of freedom.Enjoy some words from our troops and thank you for helping AAUSS continue to grow!Debbie AAUSS President “Thank you for all the boxes letters and gifts my schedule doesn’t always permit for me to have time to respond but I want you all to know you are the reason I do my job so thank you so much for all of your support!Trust me: these people are so very willing and WANTING to help you!That is the reason they signed up to adopt a soldier in the first place: they care and they want YOU to know that you are cared about.Let me assure you, however, that literally MILLIONS of patriotic Americans are standing behind you and standing ready to help you.You and your comrades out on the front lines are the threads woven into our nation’s flag and a tremendous number of caring people are eager to support you during this challenging time.When I was deployed and adopted by several AAUSS sponsors, I often felt that I was imposing on them.That when I asked for care package items that I felt a bit guilty and refrained from asking for things that I truly did need.You guys made our day and Holiday that much better.I Will be here for a year and looking forward to the joys of your support. ” “I just want to say this program is amazing, the people you assigned me have been wonderful.

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