Fotostrana ru profile sign up dating is match a good dating site

If you upload “ideal” photos, that were taken when your target was posing, everything works just great.

The program has successfully found 9 of 10 test “victims” in the office.

Just remember a story recently revealed by ABC news: surveillance camera took a video of burglars, robbing a house.

If this happened in Russian-speaking countries there would be a 99% chance that criminals would have an account on On the other hand, many people in social media use fake names for privacy concerns, but publish real photos.

The only thing you can do is to delete old profile images: the less photos you have in that album, the harder it is for the app to recognize you. Store only the latest picture in this album to save yourself from face recognition tyranny. It’s possible to hinder facial recognition by wearing hoodies or turning your head away from the camera or at an unusual angle.You can click on each photo to look through all public images on the user’s account.Just look at Egor Tsvetkov’s work in the ‘Your Face is Big Data’ project to see how easy it is to find a complete stranger.Then move photos from public albums to private if required. Find Face works absolutely legally: it doesn’t cache data to show any information, hidden by the social media settings.When we removed all photos from, the service became unable to find us during the second search.Unless you are from Russia, you probably haven’t heard of a service, that analyzes an image of a person and finds their account in social network. It was introduced in February 2016, but has recently become quite popular; thanks to the impressive photo project, published by the St. We’ve recently mentioned this project in a blog post.The Kaspersky Daily editorial team decided to check out the service to see how it works and what types of portraits it recognizes and what it does not.Applications come with limited functionality and several flaws in work, but they have one valuable advantage: users can take a photo and immediately use it to search with Find Face.The app shows profile photos of the potential matches.The Web service is more convenient as it lets you immediately jump to your target’s account.To search for a person using the website you’ll have to perform several additional steps like copying photos to your hard drive first and then uploading them to the Find

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