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[On stone with wife Sarah.] Desire, wife of David, died 4 December, 1780, in her 58th year. • Lydia, daughter of David and Mary, died 19 April, 1753, aged 6 years, 8 months, 16 days. Seth, " M r ", died 3 April, 1784, " In the 3 Year of his age." Seth, Capt, 2d, died 9 October, 1828, aged 51. 1729 Thomas Totman & Lucretia Rose both of Plymouth Married May 30 : 1729 Jack and Marian Negroes belonging to m r Jonathan Bryant June 30 .

Hatch Allen, died 27 February, 1831, aged 67 years. [On her husband's stone.] Sarah, wife of Benjamin, died 6 June, 1788, in her 75th year. .76 IV, Gravestone Records from the Old Cemetery at "The Green," Middleborough, Mass. 3-i7 2 9 Redolphus Hatch of Provincetown & Esther Holmes of Plymouth married april 3 d 1729 Thomas Doane of Chatham & Sarah Barnes of Plymouth married may 20 .

Zillah, daughter of " Joseph & M rs Harris ", died in November, 1754, in her 4th year. 30 Records from the Cemetery at Harwich Centre Nickerson {Continued) Sally Snow, wife of John; born 6 November, 1807; died 29 May, 1878. v i43] 1729 Marriages Solemnized by the Reverend mf Nathaniel Leonard Edward Stevens and Marcy Silvester both of Plymouth Maried April .

Hodgdon James G., son of Stephen and Deborah B., died 12 May, 1845, aged 9 months, 28 days. Baptized Joshua Son of Watson Freeman & Mary Daughter of Joseph Nye. Baptized Josiah Son of Nathan Winslow & Benjamin Son Of Benj n Berry [p. The Chh made Choice of Brother Heman Stone & Brother Edmund Freeman to Serve in the Deacon's Office. 181] the Gospel, & as we believe you are Conscientious therein think it proper to Observe y* altho a Major Part of the Chh did Apprehend you to be under oath when you Said Tho s Gray was not in the Pew, yet Several of y e Chh did not think thus, neither do they at present . Holmes Elizabeth, wife of Israel, died 10 January, 1754, in her 72d year. RO 13 BINS Bathsheba, died in August, 1S53, aged 76 years. He tried to write his name, but the given name is illegible, and the surname might be read (i Frem ", altho it is doubtful if that could be made out if the name were not known from the deed. 1730 Jabez Holmes and Rebecca Plarlow both of Plymouth were married September 30 . 1731 Jonathan Bartlett & Thankfull Barnes both of Plymouth were mar- ried July 15 173 1 William Kempton & Maiy Brewster both of Plymouth were married July 29 .

(To be continued) DENNIS, MASS., VITAL RECORDS Communicated by Miss Mary Abba Baker (Continued from Vol. of Nov r 1791 Mercy Killey born 16 of Feb r 1794 by his Second Wife Mary Mira Killey born 16 th July 1798 Ruth Sprage Killey born 18 th Dec r 1799 John Wing Kelley and Content his wife Patty Killey born 3 of Jan r 1792 Abigail Killey born 13 of April 1794 Deborah Killey born 28 of Jan r 1796 Libni Killey born 27 th Jan r 1799 Cyrenius Kelley and Jarusha his wife A Record of the borths and names of ther Children Lucy Killey born 8 of Sep r 1794 Isaac Killey born 29 of Feb r 1796 Died Ezra Killey born 26 th Sep tr 1798 Cyrenus Killey born Jan r 9 th 1801 Hannah Killey born 18 of Dec r 1802 Dennis, Mass., Vital Records 1 5 Eunis Killey born 20 of aug* 1804 Isaac Killey born 11 of June 1806 Hattile Killey born 18 th of June 1808 Mary Killey born July 13 th 18 10 [p. Received to full Comuion Heman Stone & Chillingsworth Foster. [On her husband's stone.] Elizabeth H., widow of Samuel, died 23 November, 1849, aged 84 years. [On stone with his widow, Elizabeth.] Rebecca, daughter of Nathaniel and Elizabeth, died 14 October, 1787, aged 22 years, 10 months, 4 days. [On stone with his widow, Elizabeth H.] Keen" Benjamin, Capt., died 25 May, 1828, aged 59 years, 1 month, 26 days. 139] Judah West married to Bethiah Keen by m r Daniel Lewis Minister of Pembrook September 3 d 1718 Persons Married By M'- r Ephraim Little in the yeare 17 18 1 Ebenaz Bartlet to mary Rider July 3 d 17 18 2 Samuel Nelson to Sarah Holmes September 12 th 17 18 3 Eben Curtice to Martha Doty October 7 th 1718 4 Seth Jackson to Ester Dunham October 23'' 17 18 5 Solomon Silvester to Elezabeth Rider October 23 d 17 18 6 George Conett to Mary howland November 3 d 1718 7 Josiah Carver to Dorithy Coole November 20 th 17 18 8 Henery Littlejohn To Sarah t Pratt Desember 4 th 17 18 9 George Holmes Maried to lidiah Wood febryary 5 th 17 18/19 10 Ignatious dishing Married to Ruth Croad February 5 th 17 {$ 11 price Nicols Married to hanah Bartlet June 16 th 1719 12 Nathan Thomas Married to Sarah Bartlet June 17 1719 13 Quintin Crimble Married to Elizabeth Holmes July 7 th 17 19 14 Robert Shattuck Married to Mary Pratt July 9 th 1719 15 Elisha Bradford Married to Bathshua Brock September 7 th 17 19 16 Daved Turner Married to Ruth Jackson October 2 ,d .719 17 Joseph King Married to Mercy Spooner November 3 d 17 19 18 John Collens Married to Bathshua Dunham November 3 d 1719 19 Elisha holmes Married to Suzannah Clarke November 4 11 ' 1719 20 M r John Mordoch Married to Phebe Morton November 4 17 19 * This entry has been crossed out, in the original, f " Mary " was crossed out and " Sarah " interlined. Edmund ; a receipt from Bethiah (Sturgis) (Freeman) Gorham, widow of the Isaac Freeman already mentioned ; and two receipts in connection with the settlement of the estate of Sarah, widow of Lieut. lots laid out in the Division of Lands in sd Kastham & are bated & bounded as by the Records thereof may appear only excepting & always reserving f[or my] self my heirs & assigns forever free liberty of a watering place in that swamp or water- ing place [on] the easterly side the way that goes down to my Dwelling house neer the gate which sd Granted lands & lots are bounded seperate from the hinds of my house lot begining on the easterly side the way by the gate neer my Dwelling house thence easterly along by the southerly side my garden spot & so easterly on a straight line by the fence to weset Cove & on the westerly side side sd way that goes down to my Dwell- ing house is bounded from my other lands of my house lot begining at a walnut tree by sd gate on the westerly side sd way from thence it runs by the fence to the pond cakl the mill pond laving that neck of upland on the southerly side the mouth of sd mill pond to my sd house lot otherways comprehending all my-sd lots there on each side the way that goes down to my sd house lot vyhome to sd Dividing bounds : Together with all that my seventh part of a small parcel of Land at weset To- gether with my two lots of sedge ground lying on the sedge flats in sd Kastham Cald Town ilats on the midle fiat which ware the two lots of sedg ground of my sd Deceased ffathers : Together as they are buted & bounded in the Records of J divi- sion of sd sedge ground as also all that my half part of a parcel of Land that my sd Deceased ffather in equal partnership bought with my uncle Nathaniel ffreeman Esq 1 of James Maker lying in the Town of Harwich neer the head of Namskekit & is bounded as by the Deed of Conveyance from sd Maker may appear " The deed was dated 13 September, 1721, and acknowledged the same day, before Joseph Doane, Justice of the Peace. 1731/2 John Blackmore of Rochester & Sarah Holmes of Plym* inarrid March 15 173 1/2 Samuel Lucas & Abigail Shaw both of Plimton were married by Josiah Cotton Justice of Peace February 29 . Marriages Solemnized by y e Reve d M r Nath 11 Lenoard Giles Gnash & Remembrance Jackson Both of Plym ware married Ap 11 3 .

r Records from Island Pond Cemetery, Harwich Centre, Mass. Sarah, widow of John, died 15 September, 1 761, in her 75th year. 8^] Hattel Killey and Marey his wife A Record of the births and names of thir Children Allen Killey 14 . Hannah, daughter of Ebenezer, died 10 January, 1729, aged 14 months. Records from Old Burial Ground, Marshfield 47 Joyce {Continued) Elizabeth, widow of Nathaniel, died 21 March, 1827, aged 80 years. ;; Joseph Bartlett Married to Elezabeth Bartlet March i8 Lh 171* Robert Carver Married to Mary Cooke March 28 1717 Samuel Marshall Maried lo priscila rinney May 23 d 1717 Thomas Clarke Married to Joanna Colman June : 6 17 17 Thomas Spooner Married to Sarah Nelson Desember 12 1717 Nathaniel Harlow Married to patience lucos Desembe 19 1717 Thomas Swift of Sanddwedg & Thankful Mory of plimouth was Mar- ried January 23 d 170JI Josiah Cotton Justic [Benjamin Bartlet Deceased March 10 th //]£*] Thomas ffaunce Junior Was Married to Lidiah Barnebe May 29 th 1718 William Perrey Was Marred to Ledia Barnebe august y u 5 17 19 Joseph Vaughan married to Elezabeth Shurtlif January 28 th 1719/20 [p. Edmund ; a deed from Isaac Freeman, and one from Ebenezer Freeman, both to their brother Edmund, all three being sons of Lieut. Labourer " have sold to him "all & singuler my several parcels of upland & medow or sedg ground as hereafter exprest, that is to say all my severall lots of Land lying situate in sd Town of Eastham ajoyning to the homstead or Houselot of my Deceased ffather Freeman Notes 43 Edmond ffreeinan both on the eastwardly & westwardly side the way that goes down to my house lot that was the house lot of my sd Deceased ffather which sd lands on each side sd way Contain by estimation thirty acres more or less & ware several! 173 1/2 Dick & Pebe Negroes belonging to Decon Torry of Plym th were mar- ried Feb: 8 .

&»• 74.4 447 REYNOLDS HISTORICAL 999277 911-12 GENEALOGY COLLECTION Gen ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 3 1833 01794 2845 GENEALOGY 974.4 M447, 1911-1918 Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2013 ■ THE MAYFLOWER DESCENDANT Hn Ullustrateb ©uarterl? WILLARD GEORGE ERNEST BOWMAN Two r Doflars Per Annum Singly Numbers, Fifty. 90] Isaac Sears and His Wife Salley the names of their Children and and their births Mulford Sears born 1 November 1785 in harwich Pattey Sears born 1 November 1785 in harwich Twins Eldredg Sears born 25th September 1790 1 8 Dennis, Mass., Vital Records Lerned Sears and his wife Keziah the Names of their Children and their births David Sears born 7th December 1788 Urion Sears born 8th February 1791 harwich Levina Sears born 25th march 1793 Lerned Sears born 29th april 1795 Mercy Sears born 8th October 1797 [p. she hath expended for y e Bringing up Said Deceaseds Children " ,£39 "and She hath paid Debts due from Sd Estate about" £9 "And .... [Deacon Thomas Freeman's Will — 1716] [Barnstable Co. Reds., 3 1411] On 4 February, 171 5/16, "Thomas Freeman Sen 1- of Harwich .... Bequests were made as follows : To " son Thomas Freeman the upland and meadow whereon he now Dwelleth Lying on the south side of the Town of Har- wich and all the Land Thereto Adjoyning and all my Right to the upland Lying near a place Called the Short Cove Towards Chatham : And also one parcell of Meadow Lying southward from the Dwelling House of Sam 11 Cole and my whole Right at an Island called Toms Island Togather with my whol Right to the upland meadow and Sedge Ground laying at an Island Called Strong Island : And also all my Right to a parcell of Land Lying in Eastham Known and Called by y e name of Smiths purches : " To " son Joseph Freeman one Lot or pcell of upland Lying on y e westerly side of y e Comon Road That Leads from Har- wich to Chatham it being the fourth Lott in That Devision as may be seen on Record ; Togather with y e one Half of a parcell of upland and meadow Lying on y e west side of the Lands of my Brother John Freeman : This Last mentioned Tract being now fenced and Improved by my son [*] and not to be Im- proved by my son Joseph Till after his mothers Decease " To " son Prince Freeman the Lott of Land whereon his Dwelling house now standeth as it is now bounded out in Range as the fence now standeth : begining at a Stone Sett in Sd fence and so Runing [p. [On stone with Abigail.] Lewis Daniel, died 20 February, 1829, aged 87 years, 10 months, 17 days. * son of Isaac and Abigail A., died 25 October, 1820, aged 4 years, 1 month. William Florein Calvert, Seattle, Wash, ninth from John Alden. Miss Ada Baxter Caldwell, Seattle, Wash, ninth from Francis Cooke. 1734 Noah Samson and Jemima Rider both of Plymouth were married Au- gust 22 .

fl Daga3tne OF Pilgrim Genealogy, History and Biography 191 1 - /JL )LLLt(^ VOLUME XIII BOSTON PUBLISHED BY THE MASSACHUSETTS SOCIETY OF MAYFLOWER DESCENDANTS 1911 78 7281 15 199927V Jg&it Ot GEORGE ERNEST BOWMAN Committee on Publication HENRY SOUTHWORTH SHAW STANLEY W. 91] Stephen Homer and his wife thankfull the Names and birth of their Children Joshua homer born 26th of august 1794 Stephen homer born 16th of February 1796 Betty hinkley homer born 18 July 1798 David Chapman homer born J any 28 1803 Joseph Homer born May 14 th 1805 Benjamin Hinkley Homer* born Thankfull Homer born Nov r 9 th 18 10 Zadock Baker and his wife anne the Names and births of thir Children Kimbil baker born 18 of august 1794 Nancey baker born 2 d of October 1796 Joseph Covil and his Wife Mary the births and Names of their Children Benjamin Covil born March 8 th 1770 in Harwich [p. 412] Runing by Sd Range of Sd fence to the Eastern Corner of a swamp to a white oak stump : Togather with another Lott of Land Lying att the Southerly End of the Great Lotts so Called at a place Called James Coles feild ; And also one pcell of Land Lying to the Eastward of Sam 11 Hopkins Dwelling House; Togather with * Space was left for the name, but it was not filled in. "Erected by a Niece" Hawkes, son of William and Christiana, died 31 January, 1776, in his 2d month. Isaac F.,* son of Isaac and Abigail A., died 17 October, 1827, aged 14 years, 3 months, 8 days. Parsons Ebenezer, Capt, of Gloucester, drowned at Marshfield, 8 March, 1778, in his 37th year. and Elcy T., died 12 May, 185 1, aged 28 years, 1 month, 20 days. Reports from State Societies 63 WISCONSIN SOCIETY Officers elected at the annual meeting 21 November, 1910: Governor Mrs. 1734 Francis Merifield and Content Billenton both of Plymouth were mar- ried at Plymouth October 18 .

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