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He is scheduled for arraignment in federal court Tuesday and, barring unusual circumstances, should be transported to Washington within two weeks. She had been freed Thursday due to a filing lapse and was re-arrested Friday by FBI agents.A woman allegedly on the receiving end of those texts, 50-year-old Tacoma resident Gail Burnworth, is in Pierce County Jail on a U. Both were charged in federal court in Washington on suspicion of attempted enticement of a minor and conspiring to produce child pornography, according to a filing posted Monday by the U. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Washington.Kellar was sitting next to the window and had reclined his seat, giving her a full view of what was on his smartphone.“I don’t typically snoop, but I was alerted to that,” she said, initially thinking she was witnessing a child pornography exchange.“We always encourage our customers to report suspicious activity to employees or law enforcement.” San Jose police officers stationed at Mineta San Jose International Airport met her near the gate.They were soon joined by Jourdenais, other ICAC detectives and San Francisco-based FBI agents.(San Jose Police Dept.) “I’m being labeled as a hero. I’m just so thankful the kids are safe,” she said, asking that her identity not be disclosed out of safety and privacy concerns. And being an early-childhood educator, I’m trained to look out for that.” But San Jose police Detective Nick Jourdenais, a member of the SJPD Internet Crimes Against Children task force who led the ensuing investigation, said the Seattle-area woman’s actions are proof that heroism “comes in all shapes and sizes.” “Heroic acts aren’t always obvious.She was just a normal person getting on a plane,” Jourdenais said.

Special Agent Kyle Mc Neal states in the complaint that Burnworth told investigators that she had a sexual interest in children, had sexually assaulted or illicitly recorded the children, and “was arranging a time for Kellar to have a sexual encounter” with the victims.A stream of messages from family and friends bombarded her smartphone when she got reception again.Someone sent her a Mercury News story on the case, and her parents recorded some TV news segments.“I don’t know how I saw it, I just saw in big text, ‘child in their underwear,’ ” she said. The man was detained, and the passenger continued on her vacation in the Bay Area and Northern California. Then I could see more texts coming in.” The rest happened swiftly: She alerted a flight attendant, who in turn alerted San Jose police airport officers and their specialized sex-crimes unit.The passenger wouldn’t become aware of all this until days later.She left the airport and carried on with her vacation, some of which was out of cell-phone range.“The flight was ending soon, and a flight attendant was collecting trash.” The flight attendant saw visible anguish on her face, she said, and checked on her.“She asked if I was OK, and I told her what I saw, very quietly,” the passenger said.“As he kept obsessively looking at the texts, I just decided to snap pictures of texts he was re-reading.” But then a wave of nerves washed over her, plus a question: What now?“I really didn’t know what to do at the moment,” she said.

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