Friend rules dating ex

So what if you decide either to go against your ex’s wishes or not tell them at all?This really only applies when you think the friend will be so devastated or may pose a risk to you or their ex.Talk to the friend’s ex and tell them you like them, make it clear you respected their relationship with your friend.Now it is over you would still like to keep seeing them.You need to assess that before deciding your plan of action.Regardless of what you do, be sensitive to your friend’s feelings.That looks awful and breaks the hidden dating rules on mating and friendship.

Otherwise it will look like you were just waiting for the first opportunity to pounce on the friend’s ex.The next thing is do you ask the best friend or friend how they feel about you dating their ex?Try and organize a public place, a cafe or a pub where the two of you can meet and discuss in a private corner what is taking place.Make the move towards your friends ex only if you are sure they feel the same way or even contact you!Going from there here are a few pointers if you decide your feelings for them outweigh the risk of losing your best friend!Let’s face it, sometimes the person you want is someone that your best friend is going out with. Well you really must NOT do anything when the couple of love birds are together, that is a no-no when it comes to the rules of dating and friendship.But what about when the two go their separate ways…what to do then?Better to go to new places that your friend never went to.Do not go to the same parties where a scene is likely to occur or at the very least your friend may feel humiliated and upset!Do not in any circumstances meet up at one or the other’s apartment or house.It needs to be somewhere in public but where you can talk without being overheard but safe and on neutral territory.

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