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"Once the main furry convention in Colorado, RMFC was finally cancelled in 2017 when clashes between a group called the Furry Raiders, and the rest of the community led the chairman to cancel 2017's scheduled event and all future scheduled dates.This came after years of allegations of unpaid taxes, Neo-Nazism and members of the staff being sex offenders.This attack led to 19 people being hospitalized and the evacuation of the facility.

After being unable to find a new willing venue to house the convention, Rainfurrest was eventually discontinued.

The RAIn Board of Directors note from the official Rainfurrest website reads: "It is with sad hearts that we have to tell you that we are closing Rain Furrest as a convention.

The Rain Furrest Anthropomorphics International (RAIn) board of directors has been working hard to secure a venue, but we have exhausted all of our options. We thank all of you for waiting and standing with us, and we are sorry to let you down.

Ongoing: Abando Animales_Sueltos Anthrocon Biggest Little Fur Con Brasil Fur Fest Cabin Con Califur Califur Diego Can FURence Cape May Fur Meet Če SFu R Con Fuzzled Elliott's Live Events Eurofurence Feral! To add a link, click the Edit link next to the most appropriate section, and then insert the following text: [ name here] If nobody has added the right section, feel free to make it yourself from another section.

Furboliche Fur Fright Fur JAM Furloween Furnal Equinox Furrnion Furry Cruise Furry Fiesta Furry Weekend Atlanta Furs Upon Malaysia Furtastic Further Confusion Furthest North [1] Futrzakon H-Con Herbst Con Howloween Indy Fur Con Kemocon Lakeside Furs Megaplex Mephit Furmeet Mephit Mini Con Mi DFur Midwest Fur Fest Morphicon Motor City Furry Con Nordic Fuzz Con Oklacon Rain Furrest Riv Fur Rocket City Fur Meet Rocky Mountain Fur Con Rusfurrence Scotia Con Vancou Fur West PA Furry Weekend What The Fur WUFF (UA Furence) Zillercon Defunct: All Fur Fun Antheria Anthrofest Aussie Gather C-ACE Con Furence Con Furence East Conifur Northwest Critter Con Diego Fran Furence Furry Connection North Furry Spring Break Furry Con (Sweden) RBW Texas Furry Con Trans Fur UFACon Zonie Con This is a list of furry convention resources - official and unofficial material, such as websites, con reports, photo archives, and newsletters. If it is a specific Live Journal or forum post, be sure to link the post itself and not the index.

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