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The classical hero's heroic significance stems from battlefield conquests, an inherently dangerous action.The gods in Greek Mythology, when interacting with the heroes, often foreshadow the hero's eventual death on the battlefield.After learning that his son, Oedipus, will end up killing him, the King of Thebes, Laius, takes huge steps to assure his son's death by removing him from the kingdom.

He wielded superhuman strength on the battlefield and was blessed with a close relationship to the Gods.

Geneviève Dermenjian, Jacques Guilhaumou and Martine Lapied in Le Panthéon des Femmes Figures et Représentations des Héroines argue that "hero" as a supposedly gender-neutral term carries a strong implicit male bias.

Each classical hero's life focuses on fighting, which occurs in war or during an epic quest.

However, his familial values conflict greatly with his heroic aspirations in The Iliad, as he cannot be both the protector of Troy and a father to his child.

Achilles was a Greek Hero who was considered the most formidable military fighter in the entire Trojan War and the central character of The Iliad.

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