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Some have taken their street style prowess one step further, broadening their horizons by acting as stylist on editorial shoots.

Celebrities have become an unavoidable presence in luxury advertising, but certain stars are every bit as captivating as the models.

Whether they opened a noteworthy show, or found themselves on the cover of a cutting-edge magazine, these comeback stars have proven themselves essential.

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Karlie Kloss created charity initiatives Karlie’s Kookies, which provides meals with sale proceeds to those in need around the world and Kode with Karlie, which helps create coding education programs in high schools and scholarships for female teens.

Fashion’s biggest fans also got in on the fun: the Readers’ Choice section offers an up-to-date and often surprising selection chosen by you, the MDC readers.

The people have spoken – thousands of them in fact and their choices are every bit as exciting as those provided by insiders.

After surviving the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, Petra founded the Happy Hearts Fund, which works to rebuild schools in areas affected by natural disasters.

To date, the organization has invested nearly million for 122 schools across the Americas and Asia.

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