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The senior generation is a regular part of daily life and usually helps raise the children as well.There are three major practiced religions in Haiti: Catholicism, Protestantism and Voodoo.Haitian women can work outside the home, but they are also responsible for taking care of the house and children. Haitian parents teach their young to protect the family structure and privacy, as well as unconditional respect for all their elders.Most Haitian parents leave their children equal inheritances, not favoring sons over daughters.This religion is often misunderstood, and many Haitians have taken great pains to hide it from outsiders.Practicing Voudons believe there is a life force that connects all living beings and that everything and everyone has a spirit, including animals and elements in nature.Family comes first, above work or other responsibilities.Both Haitian men and women work, though men are typically responsible for making money to support the family.

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Most Haitians are superstitious and believe that many events or occurrences are connected to future events.

At the same time, children are expected to care for their parents and elders when they can no longer take care of themselves, both physically and financially.

In the traditional Haitian household, especially in the rural areas, the extended family lives together.

Currently, Haiti has nearly 10.5 million practicing Catholics, two archdioceses and nine dioceses.

The official Catholic patron saint is Our Mother of Perpetual Help in Haiti.

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