How to overcome an intimidating boss

If your values are out of sync with those of your boss, and you don't think this imbalance will change, you do have a problem. But, until then, these actions are recommended for you to preserve your relationship, such as it is. He publicly humiliated any employee who made a mistake, as examples.

A manager at a mid-sized manufacturing company wanted to improve his approach to working with his employees. One day he called to ask a question of his consultant.

The question doomed her to disappointment when he said, “I know that you don’t approve of me screaming at staff as a regular thing.” Agreed, she said.

“So, can you tell me, please, what are the circumstances under which it is okay for me to scream at them?

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They may know they’re bad and even revel in their badness.

They may feel their behavior has been condoned—and even encouraged—within their organization.

They may have learned the behaviors from their former supervisor who was viewed as successful. You deserve a good boss who helps your self-confidence and self-esteem grow.

One of the things I quickly observed was that under every roof, every family had challenges -every family .

Whether those challenges included marriage, children, health, finances, spiritual struggles, death…, no one was immune from them.

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