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I do model non-explicit erotic styles too shot in a tasteful/sensual way going with the "less is more" approach.I'm not the model for you if the brief is graphic/legs open towards the camera and everything on show, though I have nothing against those who consent to shoot it happily.I WAS TRAINED IN HONG KONG WHERE I HAD MANY YEARS EXPERIENCE I CAN ADAPT MY MASSAGE TO SUIT A CUSTOMERS NEEDS IF YOU WANT DE STRESSING OR TO EASE THE ACHES AND PA Thank you for showing an interest in my advert.My name is Zara and I provide a professional relaxing massage in my luxury apartment. AVAILABLE: FREE CAR PARKING CLOSE T Welcome to Naree Thai Massage in Prestwich Hello my name is Naree please come and enjoy a traditional Thai Massage from one of our Thai ladies - in our newly refurbished spa located at; 215A Bury Old Road Prestwich M25 1JF We provide a rel Hi there.

I also provide Massage clinic in Huddersfield is an oasis from the stresses of daily living, sport injuries and the challenges faced by the female body during pregnancy.should you have already pre-assessed a stern/scary/posh/[insert intimidating word] me based on pictures - total misconception. Message me to enquire about my availability & hourly rates or the bulk-booking deals offered.It means I'm doing my job right because the true me is a delightful nutcase! I love travelling; bookings go to every corner of the globe!If you are wanting to book a shoot with what you think might be a slightly risqué concept, please don't be afraid to message me.:) Interpretations can often be different, it is never an awkward conversation to have because a team that work TOGETHER to shoot within known limits are going to bounce off each other much more confidently than if there are surprise misunderstandings. " :) I'm Keira; (key-rah) thank you for stopping by!..a stroll across my portfolio; when finished let's talk producing pretty imagery!This does not cease away from the set: your creative ventures/ideas will fuel me like a Duracell Bunny for the race.:) Expressive body/confidence in a range of bendy shapes/facial looks - GUARANTEED Lavish wardrobe collections, always updating plus my own custom designs - GUARANTEED A skilful makeup artist/hair stylist with an eye for precision across all styles - GUARANTEED Fun-filled sessions plus a wonderful working rapport with team qualities - GUARANTEED Toned physique/look exactly as seen, pristine skin/hair, routine maintenance - GUARANTEED Adventurous determination on location like a leopard climbing/a fish swimming - GUARANTEED Rest assured I'm the biggest people-person in existence...My Signature therapeutic, Revitalizing, Swedish, Thai, Japanese, Tui-Na We have 3 lovely chinese ladies provide professional massage.gentle or firm full body massage to relieve fatigue, tension & stress and assist your relaxation.

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